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"6:30am" par Robert WEINGARTEN. Editions Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit. 2005.
Ref LPB0602


  • "6:30am" par Robert WEINGARTEN. Editions Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit. 2005. in-4 carré, couverture toilée blanche sous jaquette photo. 120 pages. Texte en anglais, avant-propos par Weston Naef, illustré de 53 reproductions photographiques couleurs pleine page par Robert Weingarten. 


    "In late 2002, after spending nearly ten years traveling around the world to make photographs, Robert Weingarten firt heard Alfred Stieglitz's famous dictum that no photographer should travel anywhere to find a picture if he cannot first find one close to home. Weingarten took note of Stieglitz's challenge, and soon conceived a new project. After making test pictures from various point around his ocean-view home in Malibu, he decided to turn his established working procedure upside down and inside out by creating a set of firm rules of engagement. The subject would be sky, sea, and city observed form his bedroom porch over the course of one year, beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31, 2003. The project would be advanced by making a new picture every day he was at home to do so. Coincidentally, one of Stieglitz's most notable accomplishments was a series of black-and-white photographs begun in 1922 with his camera directed at the merging of sky and earth. By 1927, he was focusing on clouds alone in works he called "Equivalents" with brooding philosophical undertones..." Weston Naef.


    Ref LPB0602

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