"BUREAUCRATICS" par Jan BANNING. Editions Nazraeli Press, Portland. 2009.
Ref LPB0517


  • "BUREAUCRATICS" par Jan BANNING. Editions Nazraeli Press, Portland. 2009. in-4, couverture cartonnée photo. Non paginé (76p). Texte en anglais de Will Tinnemans traduit du néerlandais par Wim Roefs, avant-propos de Martin Parr, illustré de 50 reproductions photographiques couleur pleine page de Jan Banning.

    "Working on Bureaucratics, we sometimes felt like the police inspector forced to commit a crime to solve a murder. Trying to unmask the face of a bureaucracy means running into many a bureaucratic obstacle. The process of acquiring permission to photograph and interview civil servants involves in many countries a bureaucracy in and of itself... What possesses two people - a photographer and a writer - to visit thousands of government officials in eight countries spread across the globe? The idea for Bureaucratics is rooted in experiences and irritations with the bureaucratic process but also in the fascination with the unfazed manner in which tens of millions of officials worldwide keep the wheels of government spinning..." Will Tinnemans. Ref LPB0517

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