"DRTIKOL". Katalog 10. Editions Rudolf Kicken Galerie, Cologne. 1983.
Ref LPB0587


  • "DRTIKOL". Katalog 10. Editions Rudolf Kicken Galerie, Cologne. 1983. in-8, dos droit, couverture souple titrée. 48 pages. Texte an anglais, avant propos par Anna Fárová, introduction par Daniela Mrázková, illustré de 71 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc dont certaines pleine page. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition consacrée à l'artiste à la Galerie Rudolf Kicken de Cologne, du 27 Octobre au 30 Novembre 1983 puis à la Robert Miller Gallery de New York en 1984. Tiré à 1500 exemplaires numérotés, celui-ci n°893. 


    ""Ars una, species mille" - art its only one, species are thousands. And it is that I regard photography as one means of expressing artistic sentiment," writes an artist in his notes - an artist who was the first in his country to elevate photography to a creative medium, and whose work, spanning the period of time from the beginning of this century up to the mid-thirties, helped make possible the origin and development of modern Czechoslovakian photography. The creative career of Frantisek Drtikol began with the new century, a time when commercial photography in Bohemia was already blossoming, amateur clubs called to life and exhibitions held there and abroad. Amidst all this activity, however, was nothing that strove particularly beyond the average. Drtikol's is the first name representing a personality whose importance is comparable to that of Robert Demachy in France or Alfred Stieglitz in America. Drtikol followed, in the beginning, the pictorialist endeavors of the day: he excelled on such techniques as carbon, gum, pigment and bromoil printing, which could bring photography closer to painting or graphic art; he followed the laws of classical picture composition. He gradually gave, however, a free rein to a pure photographic vision which worked with light as the basic expressive means. His work forms an obvious example of the developing relationship between the painter's artistic comprehension and photographic specificity..." Daniela Mrázková.


    Ref LPB0587