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"FRANK STELLA" par William S. RUBIN. Editions du Museum Of Modern Art, New York. 1970.
Ref LAR0230


  • "FRANK STELLA" par William S. RUBIN. Editions du Museum Of Modern Art, New York. 1970. Grand in-8 carré, couverture toilée grisée sous jaquette illustrée en couleurs. 176 pages. Texte en anglais, illustré de reproductions noir & blanc et couleurs d'oeuvres de Frank Stella, ainsi que de reproductions photographiques noir & blanc in-texte et hors texte. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition au MoMA de New York du 26 Mars au 31 May 1970.


    "A selection of paintings and drawings by 33 year-old Frank Stella will be shown in a retrospective exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art March 26 through May 31. A number of these works have never been exhibited in the United States, and many more have never been shown in New York. Covering a period of slightly' more than one decade, these 41 paintings and 19 drawings range from the controversial Black pictures of the late fifties to the brilliant and sensuous color images of his recent years. At a time when abstract painting is frequently characterized by narrowness of its stylistic range, Stella's exhibition reveals an extraordinary variety, not simply in the aesthetic structuring of the pictures but in their expressive character. Both his pioneering work in shaped canvas and his use of serial structures exerted a profound influence on the art of the 1960s - even in areas like minimal sculpture, which Stella did not choose personally to explore. According to the show's organizer, William S. Rubin, Chief Curator of the Painting and Sculpture Collection and author of the Museum's forthcoming catalogue-monograph on the artist, Stella opened one of the few genuinely new paths for abstract art since the Abstract Expressionists. The exhibition will be shown later at the Hayward Gallery, London; the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; Pasadena Museum of Art, California; and the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada, under the auspices of the Museum's International Council..."


    Ref LAR0230

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