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"FULL BLEED – NEW YORK CITY SKATEBOARD PHOTOGRAPHY" par Alex CORPORAN, Andre RAO & Ivory SERRA. Edition Vice Books, Brooklyn. 2010.

Ref LCU0235


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  • "FULL BLEED – NEW YORK CITY SKATEBOARD PHOTOGRAPHY" par Alex CORPORAN, Andre RAO & Ivory SERRA. Edition Vice Books, Brooklyn. 2010. Edition originale. Fort petit in-4, couverture cartonnée photo. Non paginé (310p). Texte en anglais, avant-propos de Andre Razo, illustré de 222 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, pleine page, dont 79 en double page, de 66 photographes tels : Spike Jonze, Jessica Bard, Ivory Serra, Giovanni Reda, Tobin Yelland, Miki Vuckovitch, Thomas Campbell, Larry Clark, Ed Templeton, Jerry Hsu, Atiba Jefferson, Bryce Kanights, Neck Face, Angela Boatwright, Athena Currey, Kenneth Cappello, Charlie Samuels, Andy Kessler, Mike O’Meally, Sam Gluckman, Allen Ying...


    "Skateboarding in New York City is like nothing else. It is impossible not to feel the magnitude of the landscape and people you are interacting with. The city is in constant motion, which can exciting and often dangerous. There is no right or wrong way to navigate this arena, but one thing is certain: The skaters and images of skating produced in this city are undeniably unique. The pictures in this book span some 30 years, with contributions from more than 60 photographers. As a document, it offers a rarely seen look into the diverse and influential New York City skate scene. Early NYC skate photos from the 70s and 80s had an incredibly experimental quality in terms of both photographic artistry and the skating. There is a deep sense of discovery in each, and throughout this book you will witness the two progress in technical ability. Certain lenses, lighting rigs, and framing techniques were applied to best capture the energy of skating, and the city itself added a raw and intense backdrop to what was created. The graffiti-covered buildings and congested streets were in stark contrast to the blue skies of California. Architecture and city planning came to play a key ingredient in these blistering images. The geometric shapes of buildings and bridges can swallow the skating, instilling an awareness that the city itself strengthens the tricks being captured. Similarly, as skateboarding moved forward, the New York scene grew and developed with it. The early 90s saw the emergence of the first New York-owned skate companies backing East Coast riders, and by the first part of that decade, skateboarding in the city had come fully into its own. More than any other, "style" is the word that quickly came to define New York City skaters, and the images displayed in this book are a testament to the profound effect they have had on skateboarding. It is not at all surprising considering the diversity and creativity that the city is itself famous for. Documentation will always be a big part of skateboarding. More so than any other sport. there is an aspiration to produce images that will contribute to and further its evolution. Skateboarding is about constant progression, but there is also a growing respect in the community for the history of skating. And while the current generation will quickly master what has happened before, each wave of skaters ultimately aims to bring the sport to new heights. We communicate this progression to one another through still and moving images. It is our great privilege to share these images that have preserved our history and fuel our progress."


    Ref LCU0235

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