"PHOTOGRAPHS & RECOLLECTIONS" par Gjon MILI. Editions New York Graphic Society, Boston. 1980.
Ref LPB0458


  • "PHOTOGRAPHS & RECOLLECTIONS" par Gjon MILI. Editions New York Graphic Society, Boston. 1980. in-4 carré, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée photo (état d'usage). 250 pages. Texte en anglais illustré de très nombreuses reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, pleine page, de Gjon Mili. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition rétrospective à l'International Center of Photography, New York, durant les mois de Novembre & Décembre 1980.

    "He has the head of an anteater. His nose, sniffing the scent of the world, precedes him as if it were about to plunge suddenly into an anthill. Beneath the nose, far to the rear, follows a little mustache. The rest of his face - eyes, cheekbones, agitated hair - reminds one rather of a Montenegrin bandit. He has the look of a hunter, a carnivore. Before I met Mili I had been familiar only with those thin-blooded photographers who take pictures out of a kind of resentment, as one kills something. Mili is without resentment : he likes everything : eating, drinking, dancing. Harlem he knows better than any white man; New York he knows better than anyone. He is happy. He does not want to kill you - far worse, he wants to catch you alive. Even in the best photographs, you are no more than an embalmed corpse, preserved in hyposulphite, while your true being is continually altering under the pressure of eternity. But Mili traps you all alive, all raw; in his photographs you keep on fighting with yourself, like a fish in a net..." Jean-Paul Sartre, 1946. Ref LPB0458

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