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"GOLDEN GATE" par Richard MISRACH. Editions Arena, Santa Fe. 2001.

Ref LPB0837


140,00 €Prix
  • "GOLDEN GATE" par Richard MISRACH. Editions Arena, Santa Fe. 2001. Edition originale. Imprimé à Singapour. in-4, format oblong, couverture cartonnée grise sous jaquette photo. Non paginé (164p). Textes en anglais, "The Camera Is a Clock" par T.J. Clark et "A Hidden Geography" par Richard Walker, illustré de 103 reproductions photographiques couleurs, pleine page pour la plupart, par Richard Misrach.


    "Golden Gate offers yet another dimension to celebrated photographer Richard Misrach's artistic output. Three years ago, he and his family moved into a house in Berkeley hills of Northern California. Since then, Misrach has been obsessively photographing the magisterial view od the Golden Gate Bridge from his front porch, each photograph taken from the exact same viewpoint at different times of day. The eighty-five photographs reproduced here, from a series of over seven hundred, capture the opening between bay and ocean, and the famous bridge, in every light and weather condition. The peril of cliché would have overcome most photographers, but Misrach's pictures elevate his subject to the sublime – banks of charcoal cotton or ocher clouds; tangerine lemon, and rosy sunsets; heavy black storm curtains; and thick rays of light. Like color field painting, these views transcend the ordinary. They are, as the artist states, "an unabashed celebration of the glorious light that is the Golden Gate"..."


    Ref LPB0837

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