"HORST". Collectif. Editions Idea Books, Brême. 1987.
Ref LPB0593


  • "HORST". Collectif. Editions Idea Books, Brême. 1987. Imprimé en Italie. Grand in-8, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée photo. 80 pages. Texte bilingue anglais / allemand par Valentine Lawford, illustré de reproductions photographiques pleine page, 51 en noir & blanc et 8 en couleurs, par Horst P. Horst. Catalogue réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition itinérante consacrée au photographe, qui débuta au Münchner Stadtmuseum de Munich en Septembre 1987.


    "...Horst first exhibition was held in a bookshop in Passy early in 1932. It was favourably reviewed by the Paris correspondent of The New Yorker, and Horst was invited by Mr. Condé Nast, the owner of Vogue, to come and work for six months at the Vogue studio in New York. Horst's first visit to New York was not a happy one. With few exceptions, the Vogue hierarchy treated him 'de haut en bas'. He was not yet fluent in English. His independence was interpreted as arrogance. Halfway through the allotted six months, Condé Nast subjected him to a detailed critique of his work, concluding with the words: "If you can't make a good picture out of this dirty ashtray... you are no photographer. I realise of course that you are not Steichen." When Horst answered: "If I didn't think that I could one day be as good as Steichen, I wouldn't try to be a photographer," Mr. Nast fired him, for insubordination. "And when your time here is up", Horst was told, "you can go back to Paris. Horst replied that he was leaving by the next boat. And he did..."


    Ref LPB0593