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"HORST P. HORST". Collectif. Editions Art Forum & Horst Studio, New York. 1992.
Ref LPB0646


  • "HORST P. HORST". Collectif. Editions Art Forum & Horst Studio, New York. 1992. Grand in-8, couverture souple cartonnée photo à rabat. 136 pages. Texte bilingue Anglais / Allemand, illustré de 60 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par Horst P. Horst. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition itinérante consacrée au photographe, organisée par le Museum Ludwig de Cologne, qui débuta en Juillet 1992. 


    "Horst P. Horst photographer of immortal beauty and cool elegance, has become a legend among the jet-set and in the world of fashion. The former darling of elegant society in the Paris of the Thirties, friend of Coco Chanel, sought after by Elsa Schiaparelli, began his career as a photographer with Georg Hoyningen-Huene and worked for VOGUE America and VOGUE France by his dramatic use of light and his image of ideal beauty. His intimate connection with a circle of artists stimulated his sensitivity for surreal arrangements and for the illusionist transformation of the mundane into the mysterious and noble. In front of his camera, paper turns into marble, the surface of a calla blossom resembles that of human skin, the nude turns waxen and the sculpture alive. Horst P. Horst uses camera and light like a magician. He transforms the living into the ideal and gives immortality to transient beauty..."


    Ref LPB0646

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