"HOUSE X" par Peter EISENMAN. Editions Rizzoli, New York. 1982.
Ref LAC0055


  • "HOUSE X" par Peter EISENMAN. Editions Rizzoli, New York. 1982. in-8 carré, dos droit, couverture souple cartonné titrée. 168 pages. Texte en anglais, introduction de Mario Gandelsonas "From Structure to Subject: The Formation of an Architectural Language", illustré de 221 plans et reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, pleine page pour la plupart.

    "This presentation consists of four texts - two visual, two written. These can be described as - object photos and drawing of the reality, which is this case of the model ; - narrative diagrams of that reality ; - narrative texts which elaborate themes relating to that reality ; - object texts which develop a set of theme in the diagrams. At times these texts are two voices. One voice seems to be the narrative voice of the architect of House X, and the other the voice of the critic. But this second voice can also be read as that of the house itself. In tandem they produce a self-closing spiral which preempts any external text. However, they also exist as a set of object fragments, a set of partial narratives; in themselves they are a manifestation of the idea of house/fragments: fragments which manifest another unity, that of the building as text, the text as building..." Extrait de 'Transformations, Decompositions and Critiques: House X' par Peter Eisenman Ref LAC0055