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"IN TRANSIT" par Paul ICKOVIC. Editions Odeon, Boston. 1977.
Ref LPB0370


  • "IN TRANSIT" par Paul ICKOVIC. Editions Odeon, Boston. 1977. Edition originale. in-8, format oblong, couverture toilée beige sous jaquette photo (état d'usage). Non paginé. Texte en anglais, préface de Patricia Griffith, illustré de 52 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page de Paul Ickovic.

    "People as subjects have intrigued photographers since the inception of the photographic medium in the mid-nineteenth century. Originally, such photographs were considered a type of document of an individual at a certain time and place, in which the photographer's role was merely on of a distanced recorder. This distance between the photographer and his subject has steadily decreased so that today the work of the photographer is most often infused with his own personality and point of view. Such is the case with the work of Paul Ickovic. His subjects are people, particularly those solitary in the city. Ickovic's treatment of his subjects is one that brings out their uniqueness from among the crowd and a dignity in the faces of those who usually go unnoticed. His work is voyeuristic only in the strictest sense, that is, only in the sense of an intense observer and not intruder..." Loretta Yarlow. Ref LPB0370

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