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"LILLIAN BASSMAN". Collectif. Editions Bulfinch. 1997.

Ref LPB0763


  • "LILLIAN BASSMAN". Collectif. Editions Bulfinch. 1997. Edition originale, imprimée en Italie. in-4, couverture toilée violette sous jaquette photo. Non paginé (108p). Texte en anglais de Martin Harrison, illustré de 75 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par Lillian Bassman.


    "Among the masters of fashion photography, Lillian Bassman reigns today as the doyenne, one of the last great photographers of the postwar period. This monograph of Bassman's legendary work – the first ever published – presents the romantic, experimental visions, seen mostly in Harper's Bazaar, that brough a sophisticated new aesthetic to print photography. Yet the story of Bassman's life and newfound celebrity at age eighty and the extraordinary tale of how her work survived are remarkable as the images themselves..."


    Ref LPB0763

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