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"LYNNE COHEN". Collectif. Editions Fundacion Mapfre, Madrid. 2014.

Ref LPB0706


  • "LYNNE COHEN". Collectif. Editions Fundacion Mapfre, Madrid. 2014. in-4, format oblong, couverture cartonnée photo, dos toilé. 180 pages. Textes en anglais de Nuria Enguita Mayo, Anyonella Pelizzari, Jordi Costa, Carlos Martin, illustré de nombreuses reproductions photographiques in-texte et 86 planches : 28 en couleurs et 58 en noir & blanc, par Lynne Cohen. Ouvrage réalisé le cadre de l'exposition itinérante consacrée à la photographe, à la Fundacion Mapfre de Madrid en Février-Mai 2014, à la Sala Vimcorsa de Cordoba en Juin-Septembre 2014 et à la Sala Rekalde de Bilbao en Octobre 2014-Janvier 2015.


    "There is something deeply puzzling and contradictory in Lynne Cohen's artwork. It is about photography but it is not a document; it appears staged but it is about the real world, it frames ordinary interiors but shows their visual richness; it pulls you in and pushes you out; it is flat and sculptural; straightforward yet open to many readings; neutral but never dull. Unfolding since the early 1970s, Cohen's work has defied categorization. It does not fit current definitions of photography as vernacular, topographic, typological, archival or manipulated, and while borrowing ideas from pop, minimalism, and conceptual art it remains medium specific. Photography, "an artifice with no room for trickery", is her way of being in the world, of transforming what she knows into what she sees. But why is her art so slippery?..." Extrait de "Lynne Cohen and the art of understatement" par Antonella Pelizzari.


    Ref LPB0706

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