"LISTEN" par Mark SELIGER. Editions Rizzoli, New York. 2010..
Ref LPB0705


  • "LISTEN" par Mark SELIGER. Editions Rizzoli, New York. 2010. Edition originale. Imprimé en Italie. Petit in-4, couverture toilée grise photo. 200 pages. Texte en anglais "Listen: Fred Woodward talks with Mark Seliger", illustré de 80 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par Mark Seliger. 


    "Full disclosure: I know this guy. Twenty-three years. Two magazines. Over two hundred covers. A thousand spreads. Five books. At least a million frames louped. A gazillion laughs laughed. And counting... This interview took place a Sunday in early March 2010 in Mark's office at Cross-Eye Studios in New York's far West Village. A cork wall was pushpinned full with three-by-five Xeroxes, all contenders for this book. We talked through a lunch of sandwiches and green tea, with only one or two interruptions. It was quite as a tomb when we started our conversation, but by the time I left, three hours later, there was enough hustle and bustle and phone-ringing and  strobe-popping going on that you'd never know it was a Sunday. Just another day in Seligerland..." Fred Woodward.


    Ref LPB0705