"WE LOVE BRITAIN!" par Martin PARR. Editions Schirmer/Mosel, Munich. 2014.
Ref LPB0548


  • "WE LOVE BRITAIN!" par Martin PARR. Editions Schirmer/Mosel, Munich. 2014. Grand in-8, couverture cartonnée illustrée en couleurs sous jaquette plastique jaune transparent titrée. 128 pages. Texte bilingue Anglais / Allemand par Inka Schube, illustré de 71 reproductions photographiques couleurs hors texte, dont de très nombreuses en double page, de Martin Parr. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition éponyme au Sprengel Museum Hannover, Hanovre, du 17 Octobre 2014 au 22 Février 2015.

    "We love Britian! And - above all: We love Martin Parr! Come on, Mr. Photographer, and show is the world we live in, the way you see it. Come on, Mr. Photographer, with your feel for the banality born of glamour and trash, with your ability to distill reality in the form of exaggeration, and let's see what images you can discover for yourself and for us. And, yes, he is the one and only photographer for the job - for it is a well-established fact that one only sees and recognizes that which is nown and familiar in a foreign land - in this case Lower Saxony anno 2014, where everything revolves around the Birtish Crown. Largest in area of the northwest German states, it is commemorating its royal heritage. Entitled "When the Royals came from Hanover", it recalls the "personal union" - when an Elector of Hanover acceded to the British throne 300 years ago and, through his children and grandchildren, held onto it for 123 years..." Inka Schube.


    Ref LPB0548