"MASTERS OF FASHION ILLUSTRATION" par David DOWNTON. Editions Laurence King, Londres. 2010.
Ref LMO0062


  • "MASTERS OF FASHION ILLUSTRATION" par David DOWNTON. Editions Laurence King, Londres. 2010. Fort petit in-4, couverture cartonnée illustrée sous jaquette illustrée en couleurs. 224 pages. Texte en anglais, préface de Carmen Dell'Orefice, introduction par David Downton, avec près de 200 illustrations couleurs et noir & blanc, in-texte et hors texte, d'artistes allant de Kenneth Paul Block à Tony Viramontes, en passant pas Bernard Blossac, René Bouché, David Downton, Carl Erikson, Tom Keogh, Antonio Lopez, Francis Marshall, Marcel Vertès, Coby Withmore...

    "...This book is a chance to celebrate and share the work of my favourite artists. Some have transcended the world of fashion and need no introduction, others, mysteriously and unaccountably, have slipped from public view. I should say straight away that is not a directory, and is not intended to be a comprehensive (there are gaps and omissions, but more of that later). And, like all endeavours of this kind , it is shot through with prejudice. Perhaps prejudice is the point, I have try to convey something of the flavour of each artist's work and of l'air du temps, but in essence this is a book about drawing and will, I hope, be its own reward, a magic lantern show of changing times and the way they were interpreted by brilliant artists. Fashion illustration is only 'superficially superficial' - to mangle a quote from Max Ophüls' Madame de... - it deals with the truth of line and the power and the illusion of beauty; complex themes perhaps, but all in a day's work for these masters of fashion illustration." David Downton. Ref LMO0062

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