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"HOKKAIDO" par Michael KENNA. Editions Nazraeli Press, Tucson. 2006.

Ref LPB0846


  • "HOKKAIDO" par Michael KENNA. Editions Nazraeli Press, Tucson. 2006. Edition originale. Imprimé au Japon. in-4 carré, dos toilée, couverture en bois présenté dans un emboitage carton noir titré. Non paginé (104p). Textes bilingue Japonais / Anglais, introduction "Landscape of the Soul" par Daido Moriyama, traduction par John Junkerman, illustré de 84 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par Michael Kenna.


    "The spirit and vision with which we perceive and receive the world, the exterior, the features of nature, have diverse and numerous possibilities. Clearly, my fellow photographer Michael Kenna and I each see different worlds. This was evident that Michael first showed me a number of his prints of Hokkaido. I felt something that went beyond surprise, a kind of shock of freshness, to the extent in which the method of his approach to Hokkaido differed from mine. The impression I got from many of Michael's images was of a divergence that, at first glance, made me wonder if they weren't made by a man from another planet who photographed them in an alien land. The images he composes are buttressed by his thinking, sensibility and perspective, and the sea, fields and mountains of Hokkaido made through his impeccable, thoroughly calculated mode of expression, are truly formalized with solidity and delicacy, the natural feature raised to an absolute refinement and abstraction. This style of expression has a quality and weight that can only be conveyed through the medium of photography…" Extrait de "Landscape of the Soul" par Daido Moriyama.


    Ref LPB0846

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