"PETER MAX MAGAZINE No1". Peter Lee Inc., New York. 1970.
Ref LCU0137


  • "PETER MAX MAGAZINE No1". Peter Lee Inc., New York. 1970. Grand in-8, 2 agrafes, couverture papier illustrée en couleurs. 74 pages. Texte en anglais accompagné de très nombreuses illustrations couleurs sur papier blanc et monocolore sur papier brun.

    "This magazine is a creative act of joy. All these articles and drawings have passed through the mind of Peter Max. As he works he transforms media. Ideas pour out of his brain and blend into a cosmic mosaic. The speed with which Peter's ideas take concrete form is amazing. As he speaks he makes a rough sketch. Within a day a finished work of art is ready to print. It may emerge as a napkin, poster, bed sheet, book, rug, fine art canvas, sculpture... or anything. Any blank surface is a challenge for Peter. Imagine your mind churning out new things every millisecond! Everything you see is being transformed into something new. How could you think at this rate and still relax? Peter uses Yoga to bring calm and peace to himself. Good vibrations fill his office. Pictures in this magazine will show you how Peter and the people around him are working to bring out the best in each other. This is why looking at Peter's art make you happy. He wants you to be in tune with the good vibrations of the universe..." Ref LCU0137

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