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"PHOTOGRAMS" par Theodore ROSZAK. Editions Zabriskie, New York. 1984.

Ref LPB0766


  • "PHOTOGRAMS" par Theodore ROSZAK. Editions Zabriskie, New York. 1984. Imprimé en Italie. Grand in-8, couverture toilée noire sous jaquette photo. 60 pages. Texte en anglais de Beth Urdang, illustré de 24 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page pour la plupart, par Theodore Roszak.


    "One of the more charming aspects of Theodore Roszak's constructions of the 1930s and 40s was his Jules Verne-like fascination with outer space. All the sculptures he produced between the Wars affirmed this commitment to modernism, and the positivist ideologies which perceived science and technology as humanist instruments of enduring social value… The photograms are another body of work altogether, related closely in mood and format to the constructions and made simultaneously with them, but one which the artist preferred not to share quite so openly, even at a time when it would have sense: the exhibition in 1940 of the constructions at the Julien Levy Gallery, the Whitney Museum retrospective in 1956, or in conjunction with the Zabriskie Gallery "Constructions" show mounted in 1978…"


    Ref LPB0766

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