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"PIERRE ET GILLES". Editions Merrell Publishers Limited, Londres. 2000.
Ref LPB0435


  • "PIERRE ET GILLES". Editions Merrell Publishers Limited, Londres. 2000. Imprimé en Italie. Grand in-8, couverture toilée noire sous jaquette photo (état d'usage). 120 pages. Texte en anglais de Dan Cameron, avant-propos de Lisa Phillips, illustré de 81 reproductions photographiques couleurs pleine page, dont certaines en double page de Pierre et Gilles. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition éponyme au New Museum of Contemporary Art de New York du 15 Septembre 2000 au 21 Janvier 2001.

    "Unlike many contemporary artists whose work is based on theories of popular culture, Pierre et Gilles' artistic achievement is deliberately fused with popular culture in the present tense. Beginning with their early celebrity portraits of the late 1970s (Iggy Pop, Yves Saint-Laurent), Pierre et Gilles have created a visual world in which artifice and reality are inseparable. Employing props, make-up, costumes, and lighting that emphasize the staged quality of their photographic sets, Pierre et Gilles pursue an ideal beauty in their extravagant, hand-painted photographs that systematically demolished any distinction between kitsch and expressions of the sublime. Both the artists and their subjects seem to insist on the complete believability of their allegorical characters, at the same time as they revel in the evidence that everything on their photographs is an illusion..." Ref LPB0435

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