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"PORTRAITS" par Inge MORATH. Editions Aperture, New York. 1986.

Ref LPB0711


  • "PORTRAITS" par Inge MORATH. Editions Aperture, New York. 1986. Petit in-4, couverture toilée beige sous jaquette photo. 96 pages. Texte en anglais, introduction par Arthur Miller, illustré de 74 reproductions photographique noir & blanc, pleine page dont 5 en double page, par Inge Morath. 


    "In the spirit of Anaïs Nin and Gisèle Freund, Portraits is a resonant tribute to the members and moods of it's author's society. Photographer Inge Morath takes us on a cross-continental journey through her personal sphere of artists and writers; along the way she delivers a singular vision of the rich and/or famous that goes beyond public poses and portrait convention. The setting of Morath portrait often finds its subject in a place of great comfort or reflection - over coffee, in their favorite chair, at dinner, or in the studio. Many of the artists pictured here are photographed amid their paintings or sculptures, an approach that marks Morath's sensitivity to the contiguous presence of the creative act in the life of her subjects... Every image - whether quick-witted or contemplative - is infused with the photographer's warmth and quiet strength. "A certain air of history passes through these portraits," as Arthur Miller writes, and it is the photographer's great achievement that all subjects are given the right to a seemingly unmediated presentation of themselves, their work and their past." 


    Ref LPB0711

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