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"RAY PETRI. BUFFALO" par Mitzi LORENZ. Editions Westzone Publishing Ltd., Londres. 2000.

Ref LMO0096


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  • "RAY PETRI. BUFFALO" par Mitzi LORENZ. Editions Westzone Publishing Ltd., Londres. 2000. Edition originale. in-4, couverture toilée marine sous jaquette photo. Pages de garde illustrée. 184 pages. Textes en anglais de Mitzi Lorenz, Jamie Morgan, Nick Logan, Dylan Jones & Paul Rambali, illustré de très nombreuses reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, in-texte et hors texte, de photographes tels : Roger Charity, Dick Jewel, David Lachapelle, Marc Lebron, Cameron McVey, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Jamie Morgan, Ray Petri, Jonny Rosza, Norman Watson... 


    "Many people have defined the eighties as the decade in which style triumphed over substance, but Ray Petri's work under the Buffalo 'label' was, in many ways, the antithesis of was dubbed the 'matt-black designer decade'. Like the magazines The Face, I-D and Arena, which showcased Petri's work, Buffalo was far more logically a product of the DIY post-punk aesthetic than it was an embodiment of the self-consciously slick careerism of much eighties image-making. Buffalo was, first and foremost, about a certain kind of hip, urban attitude. And you never had to spend money to acquire attitude. Buffalo quietly defined the look of eighties youth culture, and this legacy of an uncompromisingly urban style has since inspired legions of designers, stylists, and photographers who were never part of the gang, but absorbed and understood the images and references and made them their own in cities the world over. From the simple combination of the ubiquitous MA-1 flight jacket and an old pair of Levi's (invariably Ray's own uniform) to the rarified clothing produced by cutting edge designers, Petri's legacy of style -and the Buffalo stance- is  still alive and making its presence felt on the biggest catwalk of them all: the street." Kate Flett.


    Ref LMO0096

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