"ROBYN DENNY". Collectif. Editions The Tate Gallery, Londres, 1973.
Ref LAR0108


  • "ROBYN DENNY". Collectif. Editions The Tate Gallery, Londres, 1973. Imprimé en Grande Bretagne. Grand in-8 broché, couverture souple cartonnée illustrée en couleurs. 72 pages. Texte en anglais, introduction par Robert Kudielka, illustré de très nombreuses reproductions noir & blanc et couleurs, in-texte et hors texte, ainsi que de 6 planches sérigraphiées couleurs, d'œuvres de Robyn Denny. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition consacrée à l'artiste à la Tate Gallery de Londres, du 07 Mars au 23 Avril 1973.

    "The light is soft and even. Many people have passed through an exhibition of paintings by Robyn Denny without noticing a single painting. Some believe that they have seen only one painting: a panel somewhat larger than the spectator, a symmetrical form, displaced downwards from the centre, the colours restrained. But this painting hangs everywhere and nowhere ; for that is how every Denny painting looks, and yet no two are alike. It takes a while for the spectator to understand this subtle language. Over-hasty interpretations are no help. There is more to it than recognizing the central form as a 'door' or a 'portal'. For these doors lead - if the anthology has any validity at all - straight back into the space in which we already stand. There is no way round and no way out. Denny's art, upright and earthbound, is a mysterious mirror in which the observer constantly meets himself..." Ref LAR0108

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