Exemplaire signé par Roger Taillibert.
Ref LAC0080


  • "ROGER TAILLIBERT ARCHITECT". Collectif. 1990. in-4 carré, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée photo, titre gaufré sur le premier plat. 116 pages. Texte en anglais, "The Work of Roger Taillibert" par Marc Emery, suivi de "Architecture and the Revolution of Form" par René Huyghe, descriptif en français des projets en fin de volume, illustré de nombreuses reproductions photographiques, croquis et plans, noir & blanc et couleurs, in-texte et hors texte. Complet de son feuillet de croquis volant.

    Exemplaire avec un envoi autographe de Roger Taillibert.

    "Architecture - a conventional term that must be used for lack of a better one - is, and some of Roger Taillibert's constructions are significant enough in this respect, a notion that covers at the same time a work of intuitive creation, intellectual reflection and constructive logic. Architecture is also something more, something indefinable that, as Paul Valery wrote very aptly, makes some buildings sing where as others remain silent. One cannot speak about roman architecture without evoking the civil engineering works that are the amphitheatres, the baths and aqueducts, as many works of art where technical and functional problems were perfectly solved and where architectural qualities are undeniable. Roger Taillibert is very conscious of the deep ambiguity inferred in the admitted notions of architecture and architect. In this matter, he does not consider himself as an architect or an engineer, but as a builder, that is, architect and engineer, architect or engineer, according to the needs, programs and stages of a construction project..." Marc Emery. Ref LAC0080