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"SCHAPIRO'S HEROES" par Steve SCHAPIRO. Editions powerHouse Books, Brooklyn, 2007.

Ref LPB0815


  • "SCHAPIRO'S HEROES" par Steve SCHAPIRO. Editions powerHouse Books, Brooklyn, 2007. Fort petit in-4, couverture cartonnée sous jaquette photo. 248 pages. Texte en anglais, introduction de David Friend, illustré de très nombreuses reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page dont de nombreuses en double page, par Steve Schapiro.


    "As a young photographer on assignment for Life, my only ambition was that the pictures I took each day would ne published in the following week's magazine; I never thought beyond that. I could not imagine that 40 years later, so many of my subjects would remain strong, iconic figures in the world. However, as I photographed each of these ten individuals, I was aware of the life-changing effect they were having on me. Playing Monopoly with a 21-year-old boxer named Cassius Clay at his home, I might have guessed at, but could not have foreseen, his emergence as the great Muhammad Ali. Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., who both offered us so much hope in a troubled world and were shot down in their prime, remain today as inspirations to us all…The sixties were a defining era in America. In 1964, Esquire magazine wrote that the equivalent of a whole decade's event had already occurred. The Kennedy era had brought a sense of unlimited opportunity and optimism in all fields…" Steve Schapiro.


    Ref LPB0815

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