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"THE EYE OF LOVE" par René GROEBLI. Autoédition, 2002. Réédition de l'originale allemande de 1954.

Exemplaire numéroté et signé par le photographe.
Ref LPB0884


280,00 €Prix
  • "THE EYE OF LOVE" par René GROEBLI. Autoédition, 2002. Réédition de l'originale allemande de 1954. Grand in-8, dos droit, format oblong, couverture souple cartonnée photo sous jaquette calque titrée. Non paginé (30p). Texte en anglais de Birgit Filzmaier, traduit de l'allemand par Urs Thoenen, illustré de 24 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par René Groebli. Complet de sa plaquette de 8p comprenant le texte original en allemand et illustré d'une reproduction photographique noir & blanc. Tiré à 600 exemplaires numérotés et signés par le photographe, celui-ci n°347.


    "It was their honeymoon in 1953, which took the Swiss photographer René Groebli and his wife Rita to Paris and the South of France. During this trip, René Groebli photographed extensively, and only one year later he used 25 photographs for a narrative photo-essay which he published as an artist's book entitled Da Auge der Liebe (The Eye of Love). René Groebli's intention was not to document, but to create associations. As a photographer his aim was to make emotions visible, render an atmosphere, preserve moments, express happiness. During their honeymoon Groebli photographed more than the objectively visible. He caught moods, closeness, fleetingness, intimacy, sensuality… and the love towards his wife Rita. With The Eye of Love he thus created a photographic love poem, a work of timeless poetry. A publication of the photographs was not initially planned, since this was a personal and purely artistic work. One year later, however, René Groebli worked on the layout for a book: the selection and juxtaposition of photographs, the use of a white page, symbolizing withing the chronology the passing of a day. Groebli did not simply want to place one image after another, his intention was the creation of a whole – the visual form of a narrative. He condensed the photographs taken during the trip in a manner which gives the impression that the publication The Eye of Love records the passage of a single day…" Birgit Filzmaier.


    Ref LPB0884

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