"THE OMEGA SUITE" par Lucinda DEVLIN. Editions Steidl, Göttingen. 2000.
Ref LPB0352


  • "THE OMEGA SUITE" par Lucinda DEVLIN. Editions Steidl, Göttingen. 2000. Imprimé en Allemagne. in-4 carré, couverture toilée sous jaquette photo. Non paginé. Texte bilingue allemand / anglais, introduction de Barbara Rose, illustré de 30 reproductions photographiques couleurs pleine page de Lucinda Devlin. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition éponyme à la Daadgalerie de Berlin, du 04 Août au 10 Septembre 2000.

    "Our first reaction to Lucinda Devlin's photographs is esthetic. We are seduced by their beauty, the perfection of their abstract qualities of composition, of light, color, and tone, and the artist's sophistication and mastery of her medium. Then we recognize the subject: the various legal ways man now kills man. At first these photographs of contemporary death chambers do not register as such because they are so alluring, so clean and precise, so exquisite and artistic. Clearly these are no random arrangements of the paraphernalia of death: the electric chairs, with their straps and wires, the surgical tables to be used for lethal injections, the viewers' galleries, the instruments for releasing the gas, the post-modern autopsy room, the empty executioner's box are ever so artfully spatially composed and theatrically staged. In the fourteenth century, the plague that annihilated tens of thousands in the filthy streets of Europe was known as the Black Death. Now, however, in the twenty-first century, the execution chamber where death presides is an immaculately sterile white box..." Extrait de "Clean Death" par Barbara Rose. Ref LPB0352