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"THROUGH AN ARTIST'S EYE" par Devis GREBU. Editions Rizzoli, New York. 1988.
Ref LIL0081


  • "THROUGH AN ARTIST'S EYE" par Devis GREBU. Editions Rizzoli, New York. 1988. Imprimé au Japon. Petit in-4, couverture toilée grise sous jaquette illustrée en couleurs. Pages de garde illustrées. 144 pages. Texte en anglais d'Yvette Métral, transcription d'une interview à Jane Biderman, avec 150 illustrations, dont 100 en couleurs, pleine page pour la plupart, de Devis Grebu.

    "This first monograph captures the unique world view of Romanian-born painter, cartoonist, and graphic artist Devis Grebu, whose illustrations are familiar to newspaper and magazine readers around the globe. Grebu is best known for his delicate, often whimsical watercolors and drawings that comment - like the work of his countryman Saul Steinberg - on human absurdity through a gentle humor, a challenging paradox, or a single wrenching image. A knife that is actually a child's see-saw; earth as an egg with a cracked shell, or a golf ball about to be sunk into a starry void, a man watering a tree that is actually a smokestack - these are some of the visions of this superb ironist. True editorials, which synthesize an idea, a text, and a situation into a powerful expression, Grebu's illustrations are jewel-like works of art in their own right, deftly shaded or washed in subtle but richly variegated colors. In this collection of provocative work, we are treated to an art speaks to the intelligence as well as to the eye. Grebu takes us on a visual and philosophical "journey" through his imaginative landscape in which each picture explores the theme of venturing, questioning, reaching (or not reaching) a destination, and each chapter represents a step along the way of that journey..." Ref LIL0081