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"TINA MODOTTI" par Margaret HOOKS. Edition Phaidon, Londres-New York, 2005.

Ref LPB0659


  • "TINA MODOTTI" par Margaret HOOKS. Edition Phaidon, Londres-New York, 2005. Grand in-8, couverture toilée noire sous jaquette photo (état d'usage). Non paginé (126p). Texte en anglais illustré de 56 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par Tina Modotti. 


    "Despite her brief career in photography, Tina Modotti is now considered one of its pre-eminent twentieth-century proponents. In a seven-year period she achieved a standard that other artist took a lifetime to reach, and recognition of the importance of her work in this field is evidenced by an ever-growing interest in the life and output of this remarkable woman and pioneer of modern photography. This is a relatively new development, however, since it is only in recent years that Modotti's reputation has been rescued from the myriad of myths in which it was mired for decades. From an early age, Modotti was exposed to the most radical ideas of the first half of the twentieth century and she opted to ride the crest of the transformations these inspired. Though she was born more than a century ago, her story us essentially modern - tooted in being poor, female and foreign in America. Ultimately, it is a tale of survival, of ambition and achievement, creativity and commitment; of a life lived on the cutting edge with courage and flair..."


    Ref LPB0659

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