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"TOM HUNTER". Collectif. Editions Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit. 2003.

Ref LPB0826


  • "TOM HUNTER". Collectif. Editions Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit. 2003. Imprimé en Allemagne. Grand in-8, couverture cartonnée photo, dos toilé noir. Non paginé (80p). Textes en anglais de Michael Bracewell et de Paul Shepheard, transcription d'une interview du photographe avec Jean Wainwright, illustré de 37 reproductions photographiques couleurs, pleine page, par Tom Hunter.


    "The photographs of Tom Hunter – his principal subject being the lives and homes of his local community in Hackney, the squatters and travelers with whom he lives – have always been political, in rather the same way that they have always been meticulously composed, and lit with acute sensitivity to the nuances of lights as an emotional presence. Much has been written, in recent years, about his reinterpretation, working locally, with local people as models, of compositions by Vermeer and the Pre-Raphaelites, in his series, 'Persons Unknown' and 'Life and Death' and 'Death in Hackney', respectively. These are photographs of such aching poignancy and sensuous colour that they attain nothing short of moral grandeur (a Ruskinian trait which they share with their aesthetic originators), and with empathy doing the work of polemic, as in the most fully achieved works of arts, as such, where does his art belong in the contemporary context? Oppositional, alone, integrated or all three, or none of these?..." Extrait de "Tom Hunter and the Modern World" par Michael Bracewell.


    Ref LPB0826

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