"TOM WESSELMANN" par Sam HUNTER. Editions Academy, Londres. 1994.
Ref LAR0094


  • "TOM WESSELMANN" par Sam HUNTER. Editions Academy, Londres. 1994. Grand in-8, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée illustrée en couleurs. 128 pages. Texte en anglais de Sam Hunter illustré de 110 reproductions couleurs, in-texte et hors texte, d'œuvres de Tom Wesselmann. "Tom Wesselmann first came to fame in the early sixties as the prototypical New York Pop artist, and the remains a dynamic creative force. Born in 1931, Wesselmann taught himself to draw in a gag-cartoon style in his early twenties, going on to study Fine Art in New York. Initially caught up by the prevalent style of Abstract Expressionism, he soon rebelled against it, like others of his generation, and began to collage together images appropriated from consumer culture, which, with their mechanical appearance and their hints at narrative, were the very antithesis of established New York style. Wesselmann's one-person show at the Green Gallery in 1962 was one of a number of exhibitions across New York that defined Pop Art in that year ; his images were among the brashest and most vividly memorable. The following year Wesselmann moved into tree-dimensional forms, first by incorporating actual mass-produced objects in his works, and later by using computer and laser technology to create huge metal 'drawings' that continue to develop themes laid down in his earlier work, such as the Great American Nude series, as well as exploring new areas such as flowers and landscapes. This monograph on Tom Wesselman documents the career of this energetic artist, placing him in the context of the Pop generation as well as tracing his subsequent development" Ref LAR0094