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"VARGA" par Tom ROBOTHAM. Editions JG Press, 2003.

Ref LIL0140


  • "VARGA" par Tom ROBOTHAM. Editions JG Press, 2003. Imprimé en, couverture toilée noire sous jaquette photo. 128 pages. Texte en anglais, illustré de 29 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs in-texte ainsi que 89 illustrations couleurs pleine page, dont 12 en double page, de travaux d'Antonio Vargas.


    "The Varga Girl is the eternal pinup: alluring beautiful, yet simultaneously warm, innocent and approachable. During the 1940s she enchanted and motivated thousands of American soldiers before the postwar age spelled her demise. However, although the Varga Girl is inextricably linked with World War II, her appeal still endures today, and her unique place in American popular culture has made her a collector's item… Packed with a multitude of stunning illustrations, Varga tells the poignant story of both the Varga Girl and her creator. Still young and fresh today, this beautiful color collection presents the Varga Girl in all her enchanting guises, and is guaranteed to revive happy memories for many, and to fascinate generation to come."


    Ref LIL0140

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