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"WEEGEE" par Louis STETTNER. Editions Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 1977.

Ref LPB0754


  • "WEEGEE" par Louis STETTNER. Editions Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 1977. Edition Originale. Imprimé aux USA. Petit in-4, couverture toilée noire sous jaquette titrée (état d'usage). Remarque : quelques traces de scotch sur les pages de garde. 184 pages. Texte en anglais, introduction par Louis Stettner, illustré de 112 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc pleine page, par Weegee.


    "From the photographer who created and made world-famous the "human photo story", the man whose camera showed us New York as a "Naked City," focusing on the unguarded face, the raw emotion at the heart of what was happening  here are 112 photographs, the very best of his work, taken between 1930 and 1965… And he was the quintessential newspaper photographer (the crumpled fedora, the slept-in-clothes, the cigar plugged in the mouth), the only civilian with a police radio in his car (and a portable darkroom in his trunk). For 10 years he covered a murder a night – from midnight until dawn, photographing the people of his city ("I found out that life is like a time-table… At about five o'clock is the time for tragic things!") As surely as he understood the inside of his camera, whose lenses he himself designed, he understood the hack (but delicate) technique of selling his work. For the Tribune, everything had to be different, to spare the readers; Vogue had to have "an abstract so nobody could figure out what it was. With PM, anything went…"


    Ref LPB0754

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