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"WILLIAM EGGLESTON BEFORE COLOR". Collectif. Editions Steidl, Göttingen. 2010.

Ref LPB0862


  • "WILLIAM EGGLESTON BEFORE COLOR". Collectif. Editions Steidl, Göttingen. 2010. Edition originale. Imprimé en Allemagne. Petit in-4, couverture cartonnée jaune, titre débossé, une photo sur le premier plat (état d'usage). 214 pages. Texte en anglais de Dave Hickey, illustré de 150 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc pleine page, dont 38 en double page, par William Eggleston.


    "My wife and I looked through the sheets of this Before Color together. Since we both grew up in the Sixties in the south that Eggleston portraits in these photographs, our first response was admiration tempered by faint disease and nauseous recollection. Eggleston portrays the site of our youth undisguised by design and nostalgia, scrubbed clean by a gaze that blends ruthless snobbery with cultural despair. My wife and I recognized this hopeless gaze and shared it. Here was the place itself, unadorned, and it is clearer now than ever that these photographs provide irrefutable evidence that, a hundred years too late, the era of Reconstruction and the culture that created it was beginning to fade. During this period, the ultimate and much delayed American colonization of the South was in its initial flowering…" Extrait de "Deconstructing Reconstruction: Eggleston in Before Color" par Dave Hickey.


    Ref LPB0862

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