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"POLAROIDS" par William WEGMAN. Editions Harry N. Abrams, New York. 2005.

Ref LCU0193


  • "POLAROIDS" par William WEGMAN. Editions Harry N. Abrams, New York. 2005. Imprimé au Japon. Fort in-8, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée photo à rabat. 232 pages. Texte en anglais illustré de 230 reproductions photographiques couleurs, pleine page pour la plupart, par William Wegman. 


    "For almost twenty-five years,a rtist William Wegman (b.1943) has been producing amazingly inventive photographs with the 20x24-inch Polaroid camera. This extraordinary body of work began in 1979, when Wegman - already well-known in the art world for his wry video and conceptual photographic work - as invited by Polaroid to try out this unusual camera. When Wegman and his dog, Man Ray, traveled together to Boston to use the camera for the first time, a remarkable collaboration was launched. After Man Ray died in 1982, Wegman continued his exploration of the medium with non-canine subjects. In the ate 1980s, he began to work with the dog Fay Ray and an expanding universe of her progeny. Throughout the years, Wegman has maintained an extraordinary level of creativity, capturing his versatile subjects in a seemingly limitless variety of poses and guises..." 


    Ref LCU0193

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