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"BERENICE ABBOTT & EUGÈNE ATGET" par Clark WORSWICK. Editions Arena, Santa Fe. 2002.
Ref LPB0398


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  • "BERENICE ABBOTT & EUGÈNE ATGET" par Clark WORSWICK. Editions Arena, Santa Fe. 2002. Imprimé en Italie. Petit in-4, couverture toilée blanche sous jaquette illustrée. 164 pages. Texte en anglais de Clark Worswick, suivi en fin de volume de "The World of Atget" par Berenice Abbott, illustré de 100 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc pleine page d'Eugène Atget.


    "Eugène Atget's photographs of Paris are among the greatest works in photography made at any time, in any place. Spanning a twenty-nine-years period (1898-1927), Atget's photographs are litterally the Paris of our collective imagination. In 1927 Berenice Abbott became the largest collector of Atget's work when she purchased his estate. For the next forty years, Abbott devoted much of her creative life to popularizing Atget's work. Our vision of Eugène Atget and Atget's Paris was litterally Abbott's invention. Drawn from work in previously unpublished archives, this book details Abbott's rare prints of Atget's negatives for the first time. Today, Atget's work forms the bedrock of an American modernist photographic vision. Yet the Abbott/Atget printings are among the least known and most vibrant prints in the photographic medium. This work represents one of the few instances of one great photographer printing another great photographer's work. Representing perhaps only one percent of Atget's surviving work, the prints are Abbott's vision of the photographer who single-handedly changed photographic modernism in the twentieth century. Abbott honed and polished this vision over an amazing forty-year period. It is a vision that is unique."


    Ref LPB0398

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