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"KILLING TIME. LIFE IN THE ARKANSAS PENITENTIARY" par Bruce JACKSON. Editions Cornell University Press, Ithaca - London. 1977.
Ref LPB0357


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  • "BLACK CHILD" par Peter MAGUBANE. Editions Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 1982. Edition originale. Grand in-8, couverture toilée noire sous jaquette photo. 104 pages. Texte en anglais illustré de 105 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc pleine page pour la plupart.

    "Peter Magubane, whose pictures of black South Africa are internationally admired, now shows us in unforgettable images what apartheid means to the most vulnerable of all his fellow South Africans: black children. We see their faces: children in families suddenly uprooted by the government's capricious zoning degrees... We see how the very young become involved in political action: children take the streets in protest against being forced to use Afrikaans - the oppressors' language - in school... Magubane shows us as well the irrepressible exuberance of childhood: a schoolboy in Soweto completely caught up in the drama of the poem he is reciting... In picture after picture we feel the vitality of childhood - the infinite potential - and the tragic waste of young lives that is the system of apartheid. Magubane's own captions and introduction intensify the impact of the pictures. A unique vision. A powerful book." Ref LPB0357

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