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"CHUCK CLOSE" par Robert STORR. Editions The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1998.
Ref LAR0088


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  • "CHUCK CLOSE" par Robert STORR. Editions The Museum of Modern Art, New York. 1998. in-4, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée rempliée photo. 224 pages. Textes en anglais de Robert Storr, Kirk Varnedoe, Deborah Wye, illustrés de très nombreuses reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, in-texte et hors texte. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition rétrospective au MoMA à New York du 26 Février au 26 Mai 1998.


    "Chuck Close, a leading figure in the New York art world since the early 1970s, has had essentially one subject - the human face. These oversized, closely cropped images invite the viewers attention: they look out at us while we stare back at them. In his early work, Close used himself, his family, and many of his friends as his subjects... Beginning in 1968, when he executed the first of his monumental heads, Close explored countless approaches to depicting his subject and has found new ways of challenging himself in the process. His early airbrushed black-and-white images were based on his own photographs; these were followed by experiments with the three-color process derived from color printing; he then began to make airbrushed dot drawings, which utilized a grid of minute squares; he next experimented with "finger-print" drawings, in which he inked his finger and made an impression on the surface of the paper or canvas; these were followed by pulp-paper collages on canvas; in his most recent works in oil, thousands of blobs, circles, and facets fall into place next to each other, shifting into a recognizable image..."


    Ref LAR0088

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