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"CRAZY GOD" par Yvonne De ROSA. Editions Damiani, Bologne. 2007.
Ref LPB0377


  • "CRAZY GOD" par Yvonne De ROSA. Editions Damiani, Bologne. 2007. in-8 format oblong, couverture cartonnée photo, pages de garde illustrées. Non paginé (80p). Texte bilingue anglais / italien, traduit de l'italien par Chiara Scardoni, introduction de Laura Noble suivi en fin de volume de "The Nobleman" par Sarah Emily Miano, illustré de 55 reproductions photographiques couleurs pleine page.

    "There are dark places in all of us. The human body much is like a building - its supporting structure of blood, flesh and bone a home for the psyche. As with all building, it is prone to damage and bears the scars of wear and tear. In Yvone De Rosa's series Crazy God she depicts the architecture of the mind through the near empty shell of a closed down hospital for the treatment of the mentally ill. We are presented with little context. We are aware that the building is located somewhere in Italy, however the exact geography is un-important. De Rosa's concerns are not focused on the story of the specific building, but instead on presenting a portrait of many institutions that were built and operated in similar ways all over Europe. The resulting photographs are akin to the findings on an archeological dig where we are left with clues and artefacts to piece together the psychogeography of the place..." Laura Noble. Ref LPB0377

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