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"EDWARD STEICHEN IN HIGH FASHION – THE CONDÉ NAST YEARS 1923-1937". Collectif. Editions Crevis, Tokyo. 2013.

Ref LPB0965


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  • "EDWARD STEICHEN IN HIGH FASHION – THE CONDÉ NAST YEARS 1923-1937". Collectif. Editions Crevis, Tokyo. 2013. Imprimé au Japon. Grand in-8, dos droit, couverture cartonnée sous jaquette photo. 152 pages. Textes bilingue Japonais / Anglais de Tadayasu Sakai, Eiko Ikui, Miki Tsudaka, traduction par Jordan Sand, illustré de 44 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc, pleine page, par Edward Steichen. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition éponyme au Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo, du 26 Janvier au 07 Avril 2013.


    "In 1900, at the age of 21, Edward Steichen departed the city of Milwaukee in the American Midwest with his portfolio under his arm, and headed for Paris, via New York. For Steichen, who had grown up in a modest immigrant household, it was a journey of self-discovery and a test of fate. He had first taken up the camera at 16. For the next 70 years, he would hew close to the trends of his time and seek to draw out as-yet unseen powers in photography. One of the true luminaries of twentieth-century American photography, Steichen would continue unflaggingly to pioneer new territory in the creation of images (moving from pictorialism to modernism), and in the display of images (from the walls of elite galleries to mass-market magazines, and beyond that to spectacular crowd-pleasing exhibitions). And yet, in part because of his undaunted pioneering stance, he was criticized in his lifetime, and even now, 40 years after his death, his work is disparaged as much as it is praised. As William A. Ewing has observed, "Edward Steichen is unquestionably one of the most prolific, multifaceted, influential, and controversial figures in the history of photography". This exhibition takes a period of 15 years from the middle of Steichen's eventful career. Here let us have a look back at these beautiful and glamorous fashion photographs and portraits from the 1920s and 1930s in the broader context of his life and career…" Extrait de "The Life and Work of Edward Steichen: The Man Who Dreamed of a Louvre for the Modern Age" par Miki Tsukada .


    Ref LPB0965

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