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"HEAVEN TO HELL" par David LACHAPELLE. Edition Taschen, Köln. 2006.

Ref LPB0971


110,00 €Prix
  • "HEAVEN TO HELL" par David LACHAPELLE. Edition Taschen, Köln. 2006. Edition originale. Grand in-4, couverture cartonnée photo, présenté dans un cartonnage photo. Pages de garde photo. 344 pages. Illustré de 215 reproductions photographiques pleine page, dont 86 en double page, par David LaChapelle. Complet de son feuillet de 8 pages présentant l'index des photographies légendées.


    "David LaChapelle. Controversial. Explosive. Thought-provoking. Arguably the world's most famous living photographer, he has been breaking all the rules for over twenty years. This book is the last chapter in a trilogy that started with the New York Times bestseller LaChapelle Land (1996) and continued with Hotel LaChapelle (1999), one of the most sought after and collected photography books of all time. Celebrated as the Fellini of photography, LaChapelle has photographed personalities as diverse as Tupac Shakur, Andy Warhol, Madonna, Amanda Lepore, Lance Armstrong, Eminem, Pamela Anderson, Elizabeth Taylor, David Beckham, Lil' Kim, Hillary Clinton, Philip Johnson, Paris Hilton, Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, Kanye West, and Britney Spears, to name just a few. While referencing and acknowledging such diverse sources as Renaissance art, cinema, the Bible, pornography, and the new globalized pop culture, LaChapelle has fashioned a deeply personal and epoch-defining visual language that holds a mirror to the face of our times, reflecting back both the sacred and profane."


    Ref LPB0971

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