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"LOST ANGELES" par Paul JASMIN. Editions 7L, 2004.

Ref LPB0930


160,00 €Prix
  • "LOST ANGELES" par Paul JASMIN. Editions 7L, 2004. Edition originale. Imprimé en Allemagne. Grand in-8, couverture toilée violette sous jaquette photo. Non paginé (128p). Texte en anglais de Bruce Weber et de Sofia Coppola, illustré de 92 reproductions photographiques, 56 en couleurs et 36 en noir & blanc, pleine page dont 11 en double-page, par Paul Jasmin.


    "These photos are of Jazz's Los Angeles – his view from his old Hollywood apartment on Franklin – around the corner from Hollywood Boulevard – far east from Beverly Hills. It reminds me of how bright the light is driving around those streets and all the billboards that get left up too long and how sometimes you really do see Angeline drive by in her pink corvette. And some young beautiful kid aspiring to be a movie star might drop by Jazz's where he's listening to opera, surrounded by photos in his apartment that could have been the sight of a crime-of-passion murder in the 40's. This book shows how it's like right there in those blocks below the Hollywood hills and Jazz's never fading romance for it." Sofia Coppola.


    Ref LPB0930

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