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"MIKA NINAGAWA". Collectif. Edition Rizzoli New York. 2010.

Ref LPB0969


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  • "MIKA NINAGAWA". Collectif. Edition Rizzoli New York. 2010. Fort grand in-8, couverture cartonnée photo, présenté dans un cartonnage photo. Pages de garde photo. 360 pages. Textes en anglais de Midori Matsui, avant-propos de Daido Moriyama, suivi d'une transcription d'une conversation entre ce dernier et Mika Ninagawa, illustré de 246 reproductions photographiques pleine page, dont 87 en double page, par Mika Ninagawa.


    "Mika Ninagawa's photography possesses a brilliance that immediately captures the viewer's attention. Such typical embodiments of beauty as flowers, goldfish, and young, good-looking pop icons abound in her photographic universe, brightening and saturating it with liquid and lustrous colors like pigeon-blood red, cobalt blue, vivid pink and green. Viewers of her photographs experience an irrepressible sense of excitement regardless of whether they like them or not. The burst of candy colors creates an impression of overflowing energy with its uncompromising assertion of sweetness. Her compositions emphasize the most enticing aspects of the subject matter, focusing on such conspicuous parts of a flower as petals and corolla, or presenting human figures with dramatic costume and gestures, taking the images beyond their usual background or context. These formal characteristics may be extremely decorative, but in spite of surface artificiality, Ninagawa's photographs powerfully convey the fullness of life. Her individual photos unabashedly celebrate the autonomous beauty of flowers blossoming regardless of human will, or the healthy narcissism of young people innocently absorbed in their own beauty, taking an unusual perspective that seems to annihilate distance with its objects by completely identifying with them. Viewers can recognize two forces at work in such photos: the living force of the beautiful subjects, and the emotion of the photographer who passionately empathizes with them. That is why Ninagawa's photography elicits the assumption that it is sustained by a consistent aesthetic or worldview, in spite of the apparent diversity of its subjects…" Extrait de "Earthly Flowers, Heavenly Colors: The Aesthetic Universe of Mika Ninagawa" par Midori Matsui.


    Ref LPB0969

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