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"NOTHING IS HIDDEN" par Lynne COHEN. Editions Steidl, Göttingen. 2012.

Ref LPB0938


  • "NOTHING IS HIDDEN" par Lynne COHEN. Editions Steidl, Göttingen. 2012. Imprimé en Allemagne. in-4 format oblong, couverture cartonnée photo. 172 pages. Textes en de Jenny Diski et de Lynn Cohen, avant-propos de Rick Waugh, Edward Burtynsky & Jane E. Nokes, introduction par Ann Thomas, illustré de 128 reproductions photographiques, 82 en couleurs et 46 en noir & blanc, pleine page, par Lynne Cohen. Ouvrage réalisé dans le cadre de l'exposition au Design Exchange de Toronto du 03 Mai au 30 Juin 2012.


    "With the exception of a handful of architectural exteriors from the early 1970s, Lynne Cohen's art has largely been confined to investigating the interiors of domestic, industrial, leisure, and educational institutions. Given our insatiable desire for variety, one may ask how such narrowly circumscribed, seemingly dry subject matter can prove to be so unfailingly pointed, wry and illuminating? Throughout my long career as a curator of photographs, Cohen's work has never ceased to challenge and move me because of its power to provoke, reveal, and question. Her cool, deliberate, beautiful, and intriguing images, precisely executed, and infused with uninflected light, reveal a great deal about the scope and limitations of our abilities to control chaos and make sense of the external world. They confront the contradictions and ambiguities of this offen ludicrous and sometimes poignant visual drama that unfolds behind closed doors. Typically Cohen's pictures prompt incredulous viewers to ask "Where did she find these places?" to which it is at first tempting to suggest that focused attention to one's surroundings ought to be paid during the next visit to a spa, laboratory or classroom. This is, however, unfair as the interiors Cohen photographs for all their apparent banality are rigorously researched…" Ann Thomas.


    Ref LPB0938

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