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"ORIGINAL XEROGRAPHIES" par Bruno MUNARI. Editions Caorraini, Montova. 2007..

Ref LCU0217


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  • "ORIGINAL XEROGRAPHIES" par Bruno MUNARI. Editions Caorraini, Montova. 2007. Imprimé en Italie. in-8, dos droit, couverture souple cartonnée illustrée en couleurs. 100 pages. Texte en anglais, illustré de très nombreuses reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, pleine page pour la plupart, de travaux de Bruno Munari.


    "Original xerographies are the result of methodical studies performed on an electrostatic copier. The title Xerography comes from the name of the copier used for the experiments. The definition Original xerographies is to show that these are not common copies but originals obtained thanks to a procedure whereby all the copier's functions are employed. Hence is not only reproduces but produces images as well… In Greek, Xeros means dry. This experiment was warried out on a dry copier because I believe that due to its physical characteristics the electrostatic energy used for copying can give the finished product a particular texture. Moreover, pure cellulose paper and a powder ink (toner) is used with these copiers. The toner is set on the paper at a hot temperature. The finished product, in this case the Original xerography, becomes aesthetically interesting. The methodical experimentation is carried out on the machine in such a way that, if possible, no paths remain unexplored. Every element involved in the process is analysed and tried out in every way. The experimentation should not be finalized, although the results may be. The only purpose of the experiment is to obtain the most data, for possible use later on…"


    Ref LCU0217

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