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"SIGNS" par Peter GRANSER. Editions Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern. 2008.
Ref LPB0524


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  • "SIGNS" par Peter GRANSER. Editions Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern. 2008. Imprimé en Allemagne. in-4 carré, couverture toilée blanche titrée rouge (état d'usage). 132 pages. Textes bilingue Anglais / Allemand de Karen Irvine : "The Impossible Un-ambiguity of Signs" & de Barry Vacker : "Lone Stars, Last Amidst the Big Bang", illustré de 52 reproductions photographiques couleurs pleine page de Peter Granser.

    "In 2006 and 2007 Peter Granser traveled extensively through Texas. While he was there he documented the cultural, political, and economic climate of the United States. In these pictures, collectively called Signs, Granser focuses on visual symptoms of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, extreme religion, conservative politics, immigration tensions, zealous patriotism, and big oil interests... In the process he raises compelling questions about national identity, the role of photography in shaping that identity, and what it means to collect photographic documentation of pre-existing biases. In this work Granser provides us with evidence of some of the unflattering, stereotypical aspect of American identity. Provocatively, this direct strategy illuminates the fact that stereotypes, like photographs, are based in truth, but both also are exaggerated and by their very nature ambiguous and incomplete..." Karen Irvine. Ref LPB0524

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