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""UNDER WORLD" par Kelly KLEIN. Editions Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 1995.
Ref LPB0222


  • "UNDER WORLD" par Kelly KLEIN. Editions Alfred A. Knopf, New York. 1995. Imprimé en Italie. Petit in-4, reliure cartonnée photo sous jaquette titrée. Non paginé. Texte en anglais, de Kelly Klein, introduction par Anne Rice, recueil illustré de 154 reproductions photographiques noir & blanc et couleurs, pleine page, de photographes connus et anonymes.

    "The body beautiful, the body shocking, the body erotic. The body sublime-154 alluring images by the most acclaimed photographers of their day. Here are photographs - in black-and-white and in color - of men and women, clothed and unclothed, taken from the 1880s though the 1990s by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Imogen Cunningham, Steven Meisel, Man Ray, Bettina Rheims, Helmut Newton, Sally Mann, Kurt Markus, Jerome Zerbe, Ellen von Unwerth, André Kertesz, Arthur Elgort, Louis Dahl-Wolf, Herbert List, Eve Arnold, Brassaï and sixty-four others. Kelly Klein, whose first book, Pools, changed the way we think of them, has gathered together these astonishing pictures - sometimes startling, always intriguing - in which the body is elegantly, mischievously, charmingly, or tauntingly revealed, some that by current standards shock, other that seem classic today but in their own time were considered wicked."  Ref LPB0222

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